Blucows Hypercall Desktop

(9 customer reviews)


Includes: Unlimited Calling

One USA or International Phone Number*

Cancel anytime with one months notice

*International number might incur additional fee depending on nation chosen

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9 reviews for Blucows Hypercall Desktop

  1. fa7942699

    I love this app because I can finally get rid of the phone company I have been dealing with for the last 10 years.

  2. za8546943

    This app has allowed me to get the service I need without all the headaches. I love that I can get the service I am looking for for a monthly plan and it is so easy to use.

  3. sanakhanaa722

    The app also has a lot of features that help me be more productive on the phone.

  4. ah4996140

    I came across this app while I was trying to find a new phone company. I love that the company is not trying to sell me a new phone every year.

  5. sadafaly96

    I love that they have plans that are affordable and don’t have outrageous fees.

  6. za0937290

    My favorite feature is that they have no hidden fees. Once I signed up they sent me a phone without any hidden charges.

  7. balochzarina465

    It is amazing that they give me a phone that is unlocked and ready to use right out of the box.

  8. minaskhan895

    I love this app because it is so easy to use. It is the easiest way to make cheap international calls.

  9. mpt304595

    I like how simple it is to get access to a wide range of international calling services. Incredible services

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