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* Free Broadband for medium to large customers

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Superb management tool for Receptionists, Call Centers and End Users.  Manage extensions, access a mountain of data just a mouse click away

Wireless DECT

No need for desktop phones, wireless phones available. With all the same features found on Blucows standard platform.

Blucows Call Center Service

The first point of contact for your users is your call center, it is imperative that the first step to great customer care is a flexible tool that is miles ahead of your competitors, the Blucows Call Center is that tool.

Free yourself from traditional carriers

Blucows provides services you need

Blucows is an alternative provider , delivering services that users ask for, not what giant phone companies THINK you want.

Call any number on earth for Free

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Global Conference Bridge

Blucows conference bridge coupled with our global access numbers provides any firm with the free unlimited reach they need to be competitive.

Unlimited use of your free conference bridge. Add in the option of phone numbers from over 60 different countries makes a compelling tool to add to your companies business.

IDD Termination

Firms looking to reduce their IDD monthly fees should explore the Blucows pledge aimed at reducing your run rate by 50%.

IDD Termination services are available for those entities that do not require desktop units. You will see our rates will easily beat the incumbents by at least 50%

Roaming Bypass

Tired of massive roaming fees?
Blucows has a solution!

Roaming bypass facilities are available for customers who frequently travel abroad and wish to avoid those nasty roaming fees.

Unlimited IDD Cell Access

Kill those unknown and exorbitant cell phone bills. Blucows offers one fixed fee for unlimited IDD usage.

Unlimited IDD Cell Access for those customers who call abroad frequently from their cell phones. Just pay one small monthly fee and do not worry about a ugly surprise at the end of the month

SIP Trunking

You no longer require physical connections to incumbent carriers, welcome to the new century!

SIP Trunking, use the power of your broadband access adding value to this asset by using this as your access for telephony via Blucows SIP Trunk Service.

Broadband Services

A wide range of broadband access services available, be it Metro or International.

Blucows can provide local broadband access in certain locations for those that require high speed guaranteed access to the net for their business.

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