SIP Interconnect

SIP Interconnect provides advanced carrier grade switching to VoIP end users, lowering infrastructure costs and providing greater bandwidth for VoIP traffic

Blucows SIP (session initiation protocol) Interconnect service for the voice over IP (VoIP) end users market offers VoIP end users the ability to interconnect via Blucows’s next generation IP network, passing call traffic from the end users’ own IP networks onto traditional (PSTN) networks.

•provide end users with lower infrastructure costs

•enable wider deployment of new VoIP services

• provide greater bandwidth for VoIP call traffic

• enable to easily send IP calls over traditional fixed-line telephony networks

• extending network reach.

IP call traffic travels through a end users’ own softswitch across the SIP interconnect to the Blucows softswitch which provides the gateway function to the traditional PSTN network where the calls are terminated. Both PSTN terminated and originated calls can be passed through the Blucows SIP interconnect service.

As VoIP overtakes traditional telephony networks, SS7 interconnect services are becoming more expensive to end users, Blucows service has an extensive interconnect network across the Globe to support end users.

The new Blucows SIP services will provide end users with greater bandwidth for call traffic through access circuit bandwidths of up to 1Gbit. Traditional telephony Interconnect switching has 2Mbps of circuit bandwidth, which only allows for up to 30 calls per circuit at any one time.

The Blucows SIP Interconnect service will be underpinned by a service level agreement which will state the required performance of the supporting data network and the SIP interconnect. Monitoring and reporting SIP Interconnect performance will also be provided as well as an option for resilient