Communicate & Collaborate More Effectively with Zulu UC

Business communications has evolved to adapt to the demands of today’s flexible workforce. Productivity no longer occurs just in the office, but also during commute, during a business trip or when roaming across office locations.

Zulu UC unifies business communications centered around the user experience, making all the productivity and collaboration tools available to the user, at any time of the day and on all their devices.

Zulu UC is desktop and mobile integration for businesses using PBXact and FreePBX phone systems, delivering productivity and collaboration tools through a single application which users can install on their Windows or MAC workstations and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Desktop and Mobile App

Zulu UC is the ultimate communication and collaboration tool, enhancing work place productivity for on-site and remote workers.  With Zulu UC, you define your work place environment, enabling workstations, laptops and mobile devices with unified communication features, keeping you closely connected with all your colleague, where ever they are located.

Productivity & Collaboration

Whether you are in the office, or remote, communicate more effectively by messaging colleagues 1:1 or in a team / room setting. Messages will be delivered even if the other party is offline. Chat notifications will notify the other person(s) when you’ve sent them a message.

File Transfer
Keep the brainstorming moment alive by instantly sending your colleagues files or images by dropping them into the chat screen. On your mobile and on location and want to share feedback? Zulu mobile also lets you take pictures and send them through chat.

Team Calls
Start a conference call directly from your chat window for others to join. Great for instant collaboration or for recurring team calls.

Call Merging
Create an instant conference call by merging an incoming call with the call you are already on.

Video Calling
Stay connected and more engaged with colleagues using 1:1 video calling on Zulu Desktop. Perfect for users working from home (WFH) or in a remote environment.

Screen Sharing
Need to collaborate even further? Break off into a screen sharing session from a video or audio call.

Combine Zulu with the H20 Wireless Headset
Enjoy Zulu with crystal clear audio while using the Sangoma H20 Wireless Headset. Whether you have an S-Series IP phone or not, the H20 also works directly with your workstation/Laptop via a USB connection, so that you can answer calls directly from your softphone. Great for 1:1 Video calls!